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June Special - "Visions from Mary"

June Special!
Extra Special Discount on Michele Livingston’s first book, “Visions from Mary.”
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"Visions from Mary"

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If you have read other books by Michele Livingston you know how compelling her writing style is and this book is no exception, since Michele channeled the Divine Feminine Energy of the Blessed Mother. In addition, this book has full color prints of her artwork along with a description of Michele’s journey that culminated in the creation of this compelling book. Order now for July delivery!
Visions from Mary

“Visions from Mary” is the first work of its kind, combining both messages and teachings with channeled visual art. This work represents what is arguably a fulfillment of Mary's pronouncements in the classic historic apparitions, in which She reportedly promised enduring signs of God's love. Indeed, Livingston's paintings and the attendant messages in “Visions from Mary” have been hailed as "the first enduring, multidimensional expression of Mary's message to the world."
Books about the apparitions of Mary have become immensely popular among Catholics and non-Catholics alike. And more recently, books that present presumed channeled messages from the Holy Mother have made Her seem more accessible than ever. This book offers such comforting, inspiring messages, and anchors these messages with original artwork inspired by the Blessed Mother. This uniqueness should raise Visions from Mary to prominence in this field of expanding interest.
The layout of this book is particularly appealing. The 12 chapters revolve around the 12 color paintings that were commissioned over a period of several months. Each chapter begins with a black-and-white copy of the painting, and includes a brief message from Mother Mary that pertains to the subject matter of the painting. Michele then provides a description of the painting and some Biblical background on the topic. Each chapter includes a detailed lesson from Mary, a meditation led by her, a prayer on the subject and, finally, a commentary from one of the three archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Color reproductions of the 12 paintings are included at the end of the book and are perforated for easy removal.
With an introduction by G. Scott Sparrow, author of Blessed Among Women (Three Rivers, 1998) and I Am with You Always (Bantam, 1995), and a Foreword By Jane Howard, author of Commune with the Angels (A.R.E. Press, 1992), Visions from Mary is well positioned to capture the interest of those who are interested in receiving divine guidance for their lives.

For any of you that may have missed it last year, Michele's new book is now available WORLDWIDE from all major bookstores. Both Hard Cover AND Digital Download. If you have problems obtaining a copy locally, please contact us for assistance.
Autographed Hard Cover available in the Continental USA - Order below.

"Living in the Afterlife: 
Experiences from the Soul Place"
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Also available in hard cover (non-autographed) at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your favorite book store. Also now available as digital download.

Condensed excerpt from book on Music and Singing
   The beauty in this dimension is unreal. I am one with all that is. This is a place of radiant color, some of the colors I never saw before when I was on earth. Orbs are constantly moving and very bright with tremendous light patterns in different rays. You can actually become the ray of light and color. Nothing is separate; all is one with love—with God. This place is home, our real home. The earth is just a stage to learn lessons. It’s a place to learn to give love, love yourself and be aware of compassion. 
   At first I hovered around my body in disbelief. I actually tried to force my soul back into my body, but that was impossible. My body that I viewed below was pale and lifeless; my eyes were still open, and I looked old. I thought to myself, “Am I dead?” It was strange because above me and somewhat to the right was a round sunbow looking orb. I felt very free, like a bird set free for the first time from its cage. I noticed that I could fly it seemed higher and higher. I was still curious about the “shell” of the body I left behind, but this glow beckoned me; the light called my first name, and it felt familiar. Then I somehow knew if I could fly there, I could also come back to the area below. The “area below” as I now call it was earth. On earth my time was rather short, but I had a dream life. Not with relationships necessarily, but with success. 
   In Heaven music and singing are so vital and important for souls to hear and imbibe. There are sound frequencies here that you don’t have on earth. A soul can actually stand in a frequency of sound waves for enlightenment or for meditation. People said I had a “God given talent” and voice; but in a way, that came from many years of study here in Heaven.
   My heart was pure when I was born, but the temptations of the world lured me. I did not honor myself; I took for granted my abilities. When things come easy, you don’t question. Other people may say, “Oh my God, you are so lucky to have that gift.” But being in your own skin, if it comes too easy like that, you take it for granted. And years of self abuse ruined my voice while on earth. 
   I’ve learned about the importance of music and sharing it from past lifetimes. First, concepts are created with your thoughts here, then I learned how to bring my singing tones down to the earth. Singing was like breathing for me; it was that easy. “Runs” were like breathing too because I practiced in Heaven, and it was effortless to bring that ability through.
   When a human soul can physically bring down ideas for art, architecture, design, creative writing or music in any form, the angels sing. Although science is wonderful, nothing soothes the human soul like the arts. I wish I could tell people on earth that it’s not about the clothes you wear, the money you have, or the fame or even education. What it’s truly about is sharing what you’ve learned from this side, and being kind to people. 
   In Heaven I’m again studying the frequencies of music. Singing will always be a part of my soul. On this side there are heavenly choirs, not always of angels, but of human souls! We work with “vibrations” because we no longer have a physical body or voice. Through telepathy and joining together, we create different musical vibrations. All I can compare it to is different people on earth humming together. 
When a group of us with “like minds” harmonize musical vibrations, the sound is supremely beautiful. We are not taught “how to sing” because again we no longer have the physical body. But we are taught by “musical masters” how to create different tones with our minds. When gifted singers are born, they bring to earth those higher vibrations. By doing so, the tones are more pleasing when a song is sung.
   Sometimes when a person is about to cross over they hear singing. Well, some of us choose to let people hear us before they pass away. I guess you’d call us “musical volunteers.”
   I also want to add that prayer is powerful, so keep praying. People on earth should also pray for our souls here. It brings us peace. There is a “force of love”—it is a force to be reckoned with. Love conquers, love heals, love creates, love never dies. I’m learning here about the force of love and how to move that powerful force to earth!
(from a well know singer, recently departed)

What people are saying about the book:

Michele, I just finished reading your newest book “Living in the Afterlife.” I could not put the book down and I didn't want it to end! Thank you so much! - Lisa 

… thanks for your book “Living in the Afterlife.” It is everything I believe in. - Monica

My book came this week, and I can't put it down. I've gone back to re-read several sections. Then I'll read it again, and take notes. And then I'll share it with a soul sister of mine. - Annie

I am only on the first chapter now, about your Mom. As I read the words, I started crying - a deep cathartic crying that I have not allowed myself to do for over 10 years. I can only imagine how much more "healing" will ensue as I continue thru. - Julie

Have you, a family member or a friend ever wondered about what it’s like after we leave this earth? 

Do you know someone who is fearful of death?

Have you recently lost a dear loved one? …or a pet?

Michele A. Livingston is a spiritual medium endorsed by World Renowned Evidential Medium, James Van Praagh who calls her a Trance Channel. Using these abilities for Living in the Afterlife: Experiences from the Soul Place, Michele was able to communicate with the souls of her departed relatives, clients, friends and other spirits bringing new insight and understanding of the Heavenly Realms. Not only what we experience at the time of our death, but what we may actually be doing when we finally make transition to the Other Side!

Through actual communication with these souls that are now in Heaven, Michele brings new insight and understanding about what happens after we die. And it may not be what you think or believe! There is as much to do there spiritually as there is to do physically here on earth. We can teach, study with ascended masters and experts from any discipline, help other souls make transition, guide people (souls) still on earth and even re-create our own favorite memories from our last lifetime. Or we can simply relax and do nothing!
The information Michele received came from a broad range of departed souls throughout history, including well know celebrities, suicide victims, soldiers, and more. Therefore, Michele was able to paint a picture of what we may expect, not only as we make transition, but as our life continues in the Soul Place, our True Home!