Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Zoom Access Update for Podcast May 9th - Seminar Special!



Show TODAY Wed., May 9th at 7 PM EDT
Totem Animals
    A Totem Animal is a spirit being. We all have several Totem Animals that guide, help and protect us and give us our spiritual identity. Do you know yours? Join Michele for her LIVE TV Podcast this Wednesday @ 7 EDT (4 Pacific) with her special guest, Jen Shade to learn more. Following this teaching segment, Michele  be taking LIVE Zoom calls  and answering questions from the 'Chat Room’ & Facebook. Join Michele with her co-host, Tony Sweet for a “live stream” on her Facebook page, at or download the UBN Mobile APP on Iphone or Android (aired from Hollywood, CA). 7pm (ET) & 4pm (PT) this Wednesday. 

For this show Michele will again be talking to call-in guests via Zoom. You can install the Zoom PC app by clicking Zoom Then you can sign into the Zoom meeting using the meeting ID: 369-487-523 ...or check your App Store on I-phone and Android for the Zoom App.

 WATCH LIVE (on the Internet) by clicking  UBN TV or by clicking: 
Michele the People's Medium for her Facebook Page.

More on Zoom – For those of you that watched Michele’s last show LIVE you know that we had several viewers connect with Michele on Zoom. However not all those were successful with their connections. So, it you are considering connecting via Zoom on her next show we suggest that you install the Zoom App and try communicating with friends so that you have a better understanding of how it works. Zoom is a free app just like Skype, but it is much better suited to shows like Michele’s. 
An additional note: It may be easier to setup and use Zoom on your I-phone or smart phone than on your PC, and for many of you your phones are more convenient than your computer.

 Michele's next LIVE event is in Lebanon, PA - May 20th 
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