Monday, February 19, 2018

Show on Premonitions & Precognition Dreams - Camp Hill Seminar March 4th

LIVE Wednesday, Feb. 21st at 7 PM EST
Premonitions & Precognition Dreams
   Have you had a DREAM of a loved one in Heaven or a Precognition Dream that something would happen, and it did? Have you had a PREMONITION or feeling about yourself or someone else and it came true?
  Join Michele with her SPECIAL GUEST Jen Shade for this week's Podcast topic on PREMONITIONS & DREAMS! Following this teaching segment, Michele
 be taking LIVE phone calls and answering questions from the 'Chat Room.’ Join Michele with her co-host, Tony Sweet for a “live stream” on her Facebook page, at or download the UBN Mobile APP on Iphone or Android (aired from Hollywood, CA). 7pm (ET) & 4pm (PT) this Wednesday. Call in no: 323-649-8268 

 WATCH LIVE (on the Internet) by clicking  UBN TV or by clicking: 
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Register at by clicking Seminar
"Afterlife in the Afternoon 2018"
Radisson Harrisburg
1150 Camp Hill Bypass, Camp Hill Pennsylvania 17011
Sunday, March 4th - 2 pm
Click here to register or call: 717-737-3888

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